• Logo Design

    Your Logo is very important to you, so naturally, it would also be very important to me. As your compass in the abyss of the marketing SEO sea, I can get you through the confusing terms and website filters to guide you to a successful business identity in our ever changing marketplace.

    The logo process is very easy, we get together and talk about your image and how the logo needs to project that desired image in a visual way.

    Imagery is a wonderful way to show your customers the kind of company you are, are you firm and rigid, or soft and fuzzy. We need to agree on the KIND of image you want for your corporate identity..

  • Web Design

    Your webiste represents you in another way. it is the storefront that your customers will most likely see first. What most businesses do is set up a website and consider the work done permanently. It's just not going to work in today's world. Every website is being judged by their content and how relevent that content is to you. When the site remains dormant or without fresh content, you'll lose your position in web results ranking. Every website I create has to do two things. Your website should make more thn it costs and should gather names for your database. if you aren't doing those two things and hopefully much more, than you aren't doing it right.

  • Print Design

    As a designer, my first love is print. I have worked designing and producing printed material for many years. I have accomplished many amazing feats of printed magic over my career.

    My skills have been used for so many different projects, it's hard to mention them all in one sentence, but I'll try: I have designed, brochures, postcards, posters, billboards, boxes, disks, packages, cups, ebooks, pamphlets, newsletters, ad, truck graphics, vehicle wraps, trade show booths, websites, email blasts, look books, zed cards, image profiles, business cards, corporate annual reports, pocket folders..... I've probably left a few things out..... but it's a LOT o stuff. I'll come and show you more samples than you want to review.